May 8 & 9, 2013

Higher Colleges of Technology
Arabic Knowledge@Wharton

Innovation Tournament 2021

The second edition of the HCT-Wharton Innovation Tournament 2021 was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on May 8 & 9, 2013.
The tournament organizers congratulate the following winners of the 2013 edition of the HCT-Wharton Innovation Tournament 2021:

  • First place AED30,000 – DiaLife (Algeria);
  • Second place AED20,000 – Madad (Egypt);
  • Third place AED15,000 – Recycle Bin (UAE);
  • Fourth place AED10,000 – SIIRD (India)

This year’s competition theme revolved around the creation of novel concepts related to the issue of positive social impact to communities around the globe. This theme built on the competition’s inaugural theme last year of business innovations and the competition organizers believe that the 2013 competition theme is even more far-reaching and impactful than the topics discussed in 2012.

In the 2012 competition, organizers received over 100 entries from individuals and teams from the UAE and MENA region. This year, over 200 entries were received from the UAE, MENA region, India, Iraq, Pakistan and Europe.

The Higher Colleges of Technology and the Wharton School’s Arabic Knowledge@Wharton congratulate all eleven finalists for their innovative and thoughtful entries in the 2013 tournament which saw 200 entries being received from many diverse regions and applicants.

The organizers also wish to warmly thank the judging panel who kindly gave their time, input, mentorship and valuable comments during the tournament, and who helped make it such a great success.


The eleven finalists for the 2013 edition of the Innovation Tournament are:

Entrant Country Project
Salim Al Melaihi United Arab Emirates E-PharmacyE-Pharmacy is the concept of an automated machine with an electronic interface that a patient could use to receive medication. A doctor sends the patient’s prescription to the machine, which would save the information in a server. The machine would have access to a cooled supply stock and roll out medicines on demand. To collect the medicines, the patient would use a medical card to receive the prescription, which would possess all of the required information, including the amount of medicine needed, and duration of the prescription.
Aysha Al Rumaithi United Arab Emirates Automated Parking System
The Automated Parking System is a computerized system that parks and retrieves vehicles. The idea is to diminish the surface area used for parking and instead build underground levels. To park, you need to enter the vehicle in a cabin and the vehicle has to be turned off. Once the vehicle is in the cabin, it is delivered to its storage, safe from any damages.
Maryam Al Aleeli United Arab Emirates Dew Drop
Dew Drop is a drum on rolls with a filter inside it and works when you pull it. The drum cleans and filters groundwater and turns it into safe and clean water ready to be drink. Pulling the drum, the wheels will start to go in a circular motion that filters water.
Aisha Al Shehhi United Arab Emirates Recycle BinThe Recycle Bin is designed to make recycling plastic bottles fun. The machine includes four slots, and above each slot are blue, red, green or yellow lights. When the light flashes in any slot, a user has to throw a bottle into it, and when the person puts 15 bottles into the bin he will receive a coupon that he can use in supermarkets, restaurants and toy shops.
Madina Salavdiyeva United Arab Emirates Water PurificationA low-tech method of purifying water in a resource-scarce environment, relying on concrete canals distributing water from wadis, and a sand filtration system. It will provide clean water for reservoirs and public baths, while cycling waste water for irrigation purposes.
Aidah Al Blooshi United Arab Emirates Blind NavigationBlind Navigation is an electronic cane with a Bluetooth headphone that will help blind people to walk alone without another person to guide them. This invention works with a navigation system which knows the places that its blind user will visit, and warns if there are risks.
Ala Khalifeh Jordan The Green EyeThe Green Eye is a simple application that monitors organizations’ computer usage and office lights. It is customized according to every organization’s working hours and holidays, and every employee’s days off, overtime and vacations. It gives a usage report, summarizing the total number of hours in which each computer was in its active state, while clearly showing the violated hours and the permissible ones. It also states the power consumption resulted by these hours as well as its corresponding carbon dioxide emitted to provide this power.
Sherif Nagui Egypt MadadMadad is a social business powered by an online platform that brings technology and a business mindset to the civil society, providing strategic planning and most importantly accessibility to much needed information to all stakeholders. Madad identifies and targets high impact, sustainable projects and provides a means for NGOs to promote their projects and generate funds needed. In return, Madad solicits regular reports and media for updates of the projects progress, developments, achievements and outstanding needs for donation marketing purposes.
Uday Umakant Bhardwaj India SIIRDSIIRD is an attempt to develop a “Sustainable Development Model” in a village named CHARBA (Sahaspur Block, District Dehradun in Uttarakhand, India). This model of rural development is one of a kind and its uniqueness lies in the voluntary use of student force for larger good of the society by integrating the efforts of industry-academia-government-society.
Amgad Morgan Egypt HOPEHOPE is the first mobile application that facilitates, organizes and speeds up the process and time spent by blood requesters and blood donors.
Amine Bounoughaz Algeria DiaLifeDiaLife is a diabetes management solution that is designed to meet the needs of MENA diabetic patients and their caregivers. Using the Internet and interactive tools, it is made up of three synergetic components: DiaLife Web, DiaLife Mobile, and DiaBox.